WARNING: THIS BLOG POST MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS. Film Poster for The The Tao of Steve (2000)

In the fifth installment in the series of posts where I watch films along with Modern Technology Watches with Rob Vincent (AKA Rob T. Firefly) and Gila Drazen and then share my thoughts, I watched the 2000 Sundance Film Festival award winning romantic comedy The Tao of Steve.

As Rob and Gila point out, even though The Tao of Steve came out in 2000, it definitely feels like a 90s movie (but then again, coming out in 2000 means the writing and filmmaking probably happened in the 90s). I almost was able to appreciate the numerous references to religion and philosophy as someone that is interested in that sort of thing, if only it hadn’t been so badly executed and if it didn’t show what I viewed as a deeply flawed understanding of the ideas being discussed. I was not able to appreciate the fatphobia (just as I was unable to with The Goonies) and the awful ways that human relationships were portrayed was definitely not a selling point for me. This wasn’t the worst movie I’ve ever seen, and I would have honestly probably enjoyed it to some extent when it came out, but times have changed and so have I. It was still way better than The Ten!

Check out the podcast episode or the Wikipedia artice for the film for plot details and additional information about the film.